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L. Garrabrant Farms currently produces GMO soybeans. The markets we serve are typically a resale or export type market. We sell/have sold to ADM, Cargill, The Andersons and other various markets throughout the state. We currently haul our crop directly to market upon harvest. We plan to design and build a grain handling/storage facility on our farm in the near future to aid in harvest timeliness and allow us to better market our crop.



We typically follow a corn/soybean crop rotation. In the fall after the corn is harvested, we typically perform vertical tillage to size residue and lightly mix it with soil to aid in speeding up the process of converting crop residue back to organic material and nutrients and preventing it from blowing away post-harvest and during the winter months. This helps create an ideal seedbed in the spring that will not retain excess moisture and dry out to no-till the soybeans in a timely manner.

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