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L. Garrabrant Farms, established in 2010, is located in East Central Ohio. The farm operates from the original homestead founded in 1926 by owner Luke Garrabrant’s Great Grandfather, John Goldsberry. The farm currently raises commercial corn, soybeans, wheat, hay & straw and beef cattle on rented and owned land in Licking, Knox and Delaware counties.


L. Garrabrant Farm's vision is to be recognized as a first-class agribusiness in all enterprises we pursue by producing premium products and providing value-added services. L. Garrabrant Farms will practice sustainability, conservation, and progressiveness in all aspects of the production process to ensure long term profitability and success of our farm, our landlords, and our clients for generations to come. As a leader in agriculture, L. Garrabrant Farms will set a positive example both locally and nationally and promote the importance and positive impacts that agriculture has on communities and society as a whole. 


The mission of L. Garrabrant Farms is to work towards our vision of being recognized as a first-class agribusiness every day. Making carefully measured decisions that align with our core values. L. Garrabrant Farms will make every effort to be good stewards of the land and environment with the ultimate goal of leaving it in better health than we found it. 


L. Garrabrant Farms believes that there is merit to “farming like Grandpa did”. We don’t mean the actual processes or products that were used but instead the mindset and mentality that made farmers and farms resilient during trying times, allowing them to prevail. We strive to incorporate and utilize that mindset throughout our operation, continuously looking for innovative ways to improve our operation, seeking knowledge through continuous education, interaction with other producers, and involvement with agribusinesses.


6 Core Values our Operation is Built Upon

  • To Honor Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior: To care for and nurture the lives, land and crops he has so graciously blessed us with.


  • Honesty and Integrity: To lead by example, honor our promises and commitments, be accountable to those who depend on us and balance choosing what is “right” versus what would generate a greater profit.


  • Conservation: To take a regenerative approach to limiting our environmental impact by maximizing the efficacy of inputs, increasing biodiversity in our production systems, building and strengthening soil health and vitality and increasing the resilience of soil and crops alike to climate change.


  • Sustainability: To protect our precious environment and its resources and work to improve and preserve their ability to provide food, fiber and fuel to a growing world so that they are able to support generations to come.


  • Progressiveness: To stay on the forefront of, and implement technological advances and production practices that allow us to achieve producing a safe, nutritious and abundant supply of food, fiber and fuel to sustain a growing, hungry world while minimizing our environmental impact.


  • Profitability: The success of our families, employees, clients, landlords, partners and the communities we live and work in are a direct reflection of the profitability and ultimately the success of our farm.

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As a young and growing operation, we don’t own brand new equipment but we certainly take great pride in maintaining and caring for the equipment we do have. Extensive research was conducted prior to purchasing our lineup of equipment; striking a balance between our budget, age of equipment, parts availability, quality and reliability and still being able to accomplish the same quality of work as today’s new equipment.

 From the preparatory work that is done prior to planting, clear through the growing season, to work completed post-harvest, L. Garrabrant Farms has equipped itself with a modern lineup of equipment with modern technologies to perform every step of the production process in house. We do not sub-contract or hire any work done.


L. Garrabrant Farms believes it is important to remain on the cutting edge of farming, utilizing technology available to aid in being environmentally conscious stewards of the land while maximizing our input efficiency and increasing profitability. All of our equipment is guided using GPS, our chicken litter spreader is equipped with a rate controller and scales, our sprayer is equipped with rate and section control, our planter is equipped with Precision Planting technology to increase seed use and placement efficiency and our combine utilizes Precision Planting’s highly accurate yield sense yield monitoring system.

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