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This enterprise is the newest enterprise addition to L. Garrabrant Farms. L. Garrabrant Farms operates a small beef herd that consists of 9 brood cows and a bull. The cows are bred for early spring calving, typically in March or April. We operate as a         cow-calf to preconditioning to feedlot to finish operation. The beef cow enterprise offers a solution to the hay enterprise as an outlet for hay that doesn’t meet our premium quality standards for the equestrian market.


L. Garrabrant Farms currently markets our finished cattle direct to the consumer as freezer beef. For more information, please email us.


L. Garrabrant Farms is exploring the economics and viability of expanding this enterprise. We are exploring ideas of how to incorporate post-harvest grazing of crop residue and cover crops and the pros and cons to our herd, soil health and profitability.

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